Hora and the Educatieve Academie are very privileged to benefit from the active participation of the Institute for Research in Education. As a mother of three, schools and teachers have always been of the utmost importance to us. Our family lived around the world and our children went to many different school systems. They thrived in schools where they were taught the love for learning, the yearning for knowledge, the joy of studying, where the teachers were positive and had a strong belief in success for all.
Ilse Baekelandt-Luyten, Honorary President of Asociatia Hai cu noi în Horă, spouse of the Belgian Ambassador

    The program “Summer Academy Hora 2016” convinced me because of its innovative thematics for the educational context, the quality of the trainers, the quality of the Romanian partners implementing it, the beauty of the location where it will take place and its usefulness both on the personal and professional field. It makes me happy that this year 24 teachers and counselors of Romania şi will have the opportunity to participate and to apply in their personal lives but also in the school with the children, the cunoștințele, the attitudes and the skills learned in this course.
Speranţa Ţibu, Head of counseiling and educational management of Institutul de Ştiinţe ale Educaţei Bucureşti

Joyful Teaching means to make a choice for a bright future. Life itself and living it with other people, learns us all about connecting and interconnection. To live and to have the opportunity to be connected with other people, is a quality you can develop. Until 2 years ago, Romania was an unknown world to us. Now, we feel very connected with the Romanian society and its people. I feel very privileged to be able to contribute to this project.
Summer school pdf.
Katrien Cassiers, Trainer Educational Academy